Who are we?

LINK is an NGO founded by experienced civil society activists, with the aim of solving local problems. We strive for a democratic, open-minded, and nondiscriminatory society where all its members are supported to contribute and grow into active citizens, where youth are taking ownership and being accountable for developing their community socially and business-wise.

Creative team
Milan Dobrić
Executive director

Milan je u našoj organizaciji vlasnik članske karte sa brojem 2.
From the very beginning, he has been in charge of creative, design and cultural activities.

Marija Antić
Project coordinator

Diplomirani profesor engleskog jezika i književnosti. Poseduje visok nivo znanja i kompetencije iz oblasti tehnologije i primene digitalnih rešenja u sferi obrazovanja i nauke. Izuzetno razvijene komunikacione sposobnosti i značajno izražene organizacione veštine planiranja i sprovođenja događaja kroz višegodišnje iskustvo u radu sa mladima. Kao strastvena zagovornica celoživotnog ucenja i neformalnog obrazovanja, Marija je veoma posvećena radu sa mladima.

Stefan Veljković
Program director

A staunch advocate of human rights since 2010. Apart from a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, he prides himself on his strong command of German.
As a civil society activist and manager, Stefan conducted over 100 trainings on youth engagement, women’s rights, and essential skills, including public speaking and CV writing.
In his spare time, Stefan writes a blog, reads books, and rides his bicycle.

Miloš Dobrić
Graphic designer

Graphic design graduate with experience in various fields of art and design. Design became his profession after he gave up on dreams of an NBA career.

Dragana Aleksić
Financial manager

Financial manager with many years of experience in the civil sector in Kosovo.

Marija Jaćimović

Senior student of Graphic design, almost an opera singer, a rising social media manager, control freak and a proud user of the Prizren-Timok dialect.


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Engaging youth in the production of face shields for medical professionals and public servants in Kosovo

During the month of December, due to the increasing number of infected, our young volunteers managed to produce and distribute […]

Podcast “Cuckoo’s Nest” – guest Ms. Karin Hernmarck Ahliny, Ambassador of Sweden in Kosovo

She began her career in diplomacy in 1994. She visited Kosovo in 2000 and 2004, and now, 15 years later, […]

Podcast “Cuckoo’s Nest” – guest Mrs. Simona Đurović, family therapist

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Engaging youth in production of face shields for medical professionals and public servants in Kosovo

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Training and employing disadvantaged communities in the Mitrovica region — Curriculum

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COVID-19 Prevention Manual

Date : 30/10/2020

Old & New Mitrovica

Date: 11/01/2020 By clicking on the “download” button, you can download a pdf publication of photos that is part of the […]

Project report ”Still waters of the Brussel’s ordeal” – Civil Registration in Kosovo: A Bureaucratic Nightmare

Date: 11/02/2019 Publication: Civil Registration in Kosovo: A Bureaucratic Nightmare Donators: KFOS Maintenance period: 2018

Research report “Getting to school safely”

Date : 05/11/2018 Report of the survey conducted among parents and students of the Elementary School “Jovan Cvijić” and the High […]

Summary solution proposal “Getting to school in Z.Potok safely”

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