Engaging youth in the production of face shields for medical professionals and public servants in Kosovo

During the month of December, due to the increasing number of infected, our young volunteers managed to produce and distribute 15,000 protective shields that will serve and help health workers in Kosovo.

The protective shields made within our Innovation Center were distributed to the Ministry of Health, 12,500 in total, then 1,500 to the hospital in North Mitrovica, (which will be distributed in accordance with the needs of other health institutions in communities with Serbian majority), and the municipality of Kamenica, which urgently needed help. As well as a large number of protective shields that were distributed to catering facilities, shops, and other service businesses.

We hope that this mission of ours will be useful in these difficult times and that it will greatly help in the fight against COVID 19. We remind you that we made a similar initiative on May 11 this year, when we distributed over 500 visas to health institutions in southern Mitrovica, Zvečan, Zubin Potok, Leposavić, Gjilan, Vushtrri, Suva Reka, Kamenica, and Donja Gušterica. We are ready to initiate the same actions in the future, depending on the situation, and be ready for future actions that will benefit the community. Mitrovica Innovation Center is especially grateful to UNMIK – United Nations Mission in Kosovo, which provided us with the necessary support, as well as our volunteers and employees.