BLink Conference

How old do you need to be to invent something?

Do you analyze and recognize problems in your environment? Are you trying to work on them?

After numerous lectures on communication skills, entrepreneurship, presenting a business idea, handling Arduino boards, sensor programming, our youngest geniuses focused on recognizing problems in the community and finding solutions to them.

We are extremely proud of them, and we are looking forward to the future that is in their hands.

The winning Smart Green team excelled with its Smart Pot prototype. Their invention is a pot that is programmed to independently water the plant that is in it. The built-in sensor detects soil moisture, thus sending a signal to the water pump and flooding it.

The second-placed team consists of two exceptional girls who researched children’s toys and their impact on children’s development. They have designed an auditory memory game for children that will be more affordable than those currently offered in stores.

The third place, according to the decision of the jury, was earned by the Fan Tech team. Their prototype consists of a sensor that improves the operation of the ventilation system. It detects the amount of tobacco smoke in the room, primarily intended for catering facilities, and starts the ventilation system only when there is a need for it. Their goal is both to reduce tobacco smoke in the room and to save the electricity used by the ventilation system.