Engage in Our Program and Win 1,200USD

During March-May 2022, Local Initiative LINK will run an immersive training and mentoring program with 20 teams comprised of youth and women aged 14 to 35.

If you are unsure of whether your idea is worth developing into a business plan, we encourage you to apply, get valuable help from our trainers and mentors – and make your idea marketable and saleable. What’s more, your business idea can focus on pretty much any industry, including agriculture, technology, food, or anything that makes you tick!

Our program is designed to help you develop your creative business ideas and put them into practice. A team of seasoned mentors and trainers will guide you through all stages of business development and creating prototypes of products and services.

The three main steps of the program comprise:

  • Developing business ideas,
  • Reaching potential buyers/users, and
  • Achieving sustainability.

Most of the program will take place in March and April, while May is mostly reserved for participation in a two-day competition event, where a jury will assess all the business ideas and award 10 of the most prolific ones ― 1,200USD each.

Apply now for a chance to participate in our three-month immersive learning experience and win financial support for your business idea. LINK will award 10 teams with the best and most creative business ideas!

Note: The learning program, competition, and award ceremony will all be held in North Mitrovica.

APPLICATION LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19Og4ziQ7URF_tIC5ahwI7o4KYKO3zlQXVIAOs7TsUdo/edit?ts=61e96fc7