FAIL NIGHT – Every success involves failure

Failure ≠ Catastrophe

Failure is a stepping stone on the road to achievement. If you want to hear how can failure turn into success, join us on Friday at 8 pm!

Meet our guests:

Sonja Dakić – Entrepreneur | Busniess mentor | Certified NLP trainer | TEDx speaker

Ivan Ćosić – Owner of the Plain&Hill agency | Organiser of the conference wwwvrsac: live local – work global | Host of the podcast “Još podkast jedan” | Consultant and lecturer at numerous national and regional conferences

Stefan Sovrlić – Co-founder and CEO @ Digital Agency W3-Lab

Spasimir Novaković – Co-founder and director @ Brendly platform | Chief Marketing Officer @ Digital Agency W3-Lab

Don’t miss this unique event in our city!

The event is organized by the Local Initiative LINK with the support of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo