Skills development in the time of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, the need for accelerating existing trends in remote work has become even greater. The ongoing pandemic disrupted both local and global labor markets. Due to the increasing number of employees working remotely and in order to help connect youth with available and in-demand job opportunities, we have organized trainings where our participants could develop essential employability skills through three online training modules.

One of the trainings was Project Management in IT. This training offered extensive knowledge in implementing IT strategies and setting up project goals within project plans and schedules. It has introduced them to the variety of job responsibilities and duties that are expected from their future coworkers. Moreover, they were taught how to use different tools and methods in order to accomplish a desired mutual goal.

The next one was Virtual Assistant training, which was designed to equip participants with skills for diverse services that one Virtual Assistant can offer. Participants were presented with a set of tools and channels for better communication with their potential clients. As a final outcome of this training, our participants have created their own websites and social media accounts from the ground up, which will hopefully attract their first clients.

Finally, training for Quality Assurance Testers was reserved for our detail-oriented participants, who were trained to run various manual tests on software to ensure it meets all standards and guidelines and is ready to be marketed to consumers. They identified issues and learned how to report bugs properly through the test.io platform where they also had a chance to work on identifying bugs for numerous famous brands’ websites.

All beneficiaries are extremely grateful for such an opportunity where they were able to acquire new skills in these challenging circumstances. We are congratulating on the successful completion and wish them luck in all future endeavors!

This project is implemented by the Local Initiative LINK with the support of UNMIK – United Nations Mission in Kosovo