Nomad fest

Nomad Festival is an initiative designed by Futja Ngjyrë (FN) that aims to bring together young artists from different ethnic groups, and facilitate their connection and creative collaboration around vital local issues. With this initiative FN is seeking to establish a chain of network for Mitrovica’s youth from both sides, North and South Mitrovica. Within this project several activities will be implemented, including: the organization of a youth camp, painting of murals in both municipalities and a small concert. These activities and the project in general comprise an innovative way of approaching inter-ethnic relations in the fragile city of Mitrovica. Through the project, FN aspires to promote cooperation between young artists coming from different ethnic background.

The main outputs of the Nomad Festival:

  • One workshop organized;
  • One camp held;
  • 30 young people(artists) from South and North participating in the project activities;

At least ten medium and big-sized murals painted on the most visible areas of Mitrovica South and North.

Nomad fest was supported by US Embassy