The BLink: Youngsters Building Entrepreneurial Skills and Launching Self-Employment

The project will be an overarching and creativity-based endeavor of Kosovo’s youth to elevate their entrepreneurship, IT, and soft skills levels. The project will encompass the following phases:

  1. BLink Space: Establishing a venue for the promotion of entrepreneurship;
  2. BLink Curriculum: Organizing training and workshops on entrepreneurial skills: Lifecycle of a company, oral presentations and pitching ideas, teamwork, and social entrepreneurship;
  3. BLink Challenge: Study visits to companies – lessons in practice;
  4. BLink Conference: Exchanging best practices and awarding the finest entrepreneurial ideas and projects. The project will serve as fertile ground for young people to present and execute their entrepreneurial ideas in a supportive and youth-focused environment nourished by experts and the project team, committed to growing practical and on-demand self-employment skills of youngsters in the local community.