Summary solution proposal “Getting to school in Z.Potok safely”

Date : 05/11/2018

The issue of child safety on the way to the elementary school “Jovan Cvijić” and the high school “Grigorije Božović” in Zubin Potok is a problem whose scope is contributed by all unscrupulous parents who allow minor children to go to school by car, the police that does not implement repressive measures, for social and objective reasons, local governments does not have direct communication with the school, the assembly does not have good communication with the executive,s and finally, poorly developed traffic infrastructure but also high political problems and “reciprocal” policies of the Kosovo government. However, the key factor in solving the problem is the local self-government, which must first develop a plan for technical regulation of traffic and forward it to the local assembly of the municipality of Zubin Potok for adoption.

Publication: Summary solution proposal “Getting to school in Z.Potok safely”

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